MultiOmics data#

openomics Package#


join(a, *p)

Join two or more pathname components, inserting '/' as needed.


ClinicalData(file, patient_index[, columns])

This class manages the clinical data tables to handle the patient's phenotype data, as well as the treatment, and sample data associated to each patient.

CopyNumberVariation(data, transpose, gene_index)

DNAMethylation(data, transpose, gene_index)

Expression(data, transpose[, gene_index, ...])

This class handles importing of any quantitative omics data that is in a table format (e.g.

LncRNA(data, transpose[, gene_index, ...])

MessengerRNA(data, transpose[, gene_index, ...])

MicroRNA(data, transpose[, gene_index, ...])

MultiOmics(cohort_name[, omics_data])

A data object which holds multiple -omics data for a single clinical cohort.

Protein(data, transpose[, gene_index, ...])

SomaticMutation(data, transpose, gene_index)

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of openomics.clinical.ClinicalData, openomics.genomics.CopyNumberVariation, openomics.genomics.DNAMethylation, openomics.transcriptomics.Expression, openomics.transcriptomics.LncRNA, openomics.transcriptomics.MessengerRNA, openomics.transcriptomics.MicroRNA, openomics.multiomics.MultiOmics, openomics.proteomics.Protein, openomics.genomics.SomaticMutation